ars electronica 2017

DRIVE, Volkswagen AG

Deluxe Ars Electronica 2017

GQ dinner night

Volkswagen AG, GQ

Deluxe GQ Dinner Night

Fraunhofer 2017 – Fraunhofer 2017

neuemeister concerts

communication elements, DKO/edelmusic/DRIVE

dlx | Poster | Design


communication tools for the introduction of the Passat for Volkswagen

electrified!: pressemappen, info-medien, pr-tools, start elektromobilität, test-drives, dynamische präsentationen, bauzaun, out-of-home media, berlin, DRIVE

digital press-kit 2.0

new generation pr-tools for Volkswagen

VW digital presskit

golf generations

Automobil Forum, Volkswagen AG / Volkswagen

Generation Golf


Automobil Forum, Volkswagen AG/Volkswagen; Armin Müller-Stahl


neuemeister book

DKO / edelmusic / DRIVE

neue meister book

effective medicine for humans

naturheilärzte greven

dlx | webdesign | Praxis

new polo: in the white library

press kits with complete information

dlx | polo | fineprint | press-kit

dinner night .. next

DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum Berlin

a class of its own: GOLF

very fine surfaces as a sign of quality

pressemappen | fineprint |  volkswagen golf

marketing award


Deluxe Marketing Award

third landscape

DRIVE, volker kreidler

Deluxe Dritte Landschaft

light is shaping

Fraunhofer 2015

licht gestaltet – Fraunhofer

ars electronica 2018

DRIVE, Volkswagen AG

festival night, berlinale 2015

BURDA, BMW, Technicolor

Deluxe Festival Night 2015

when machines dream..

Automobilforum, Volkswagen AG / Ars Electronica

als electronica, wenn maschinen träumen, key visual und titelentwicklung als konzept für drei jahre, informations- & kommunikationsmittel, szenario, out-of-home, digital

panoramic photography india

Automobil Forum, Volkswagen AG/Volkswagen Group India

dlx – India

automotive history

Automobil Forum, Volkswagen AG/Volkswagen

dlx – Cabrio

now and tomorrow

DRIVE, AFF-Galerie

morgenland, ausstellung, DRIVE